Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I am getting ready to teach a class at Newton's 25th Annual Fall Festival Seminar.
September 28-30 2012 I'm teaching "Design Your Own Shawl: Shape, Color, Texture and Lace"

Learn to develop your own shawl recipe. The class will be fun and informative.
Call Helen at Newton's  714-634-9116

I'm preparing my hand outs and love this part of teaching. I always learn so much! I learned a new word.......


The phenomenon that makes color look different under different lights. Natural or artificial light will affect the hue of colors dramatically. Even early morning sunlight vs. sunset light makes colors look different. Color and color hues meanings and effects on us is a fascinating subject and plays a huge role in our knitting. Like yellow is seen more easily than any other color. It is perceived three times more easily than violet. Colors were chosen in different societies and religious groups probably in what natural dyes were available on hand. Did you know that the Catholic Pope wears red shoes? Most of these traditions go back centuries. Tibetan monks wear yellow-orange and "pure" colors. These colors are achieved with natural dyes of vegetable matter, like saffron, turmeric. Using tubers, bark, flowers and leaves.

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